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Ms. Crystal Thomas

Welcome to the Landmark Middle School

2019-2020 School Year!


I regularly attach (or post in Google Classroom) documents that are important for upcoming assignments, tests or strictly for Parent and Student Information. So please browse and print the attachments, as needed.

Refer to:

  •   Calendar for assignment information and important dates.

   All assignments are available digitally in Google Classroom and can be printed by authorized users.

  •   Course Syllabus for course-related information and resources.


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2019-120 C.Thomas_8th Grade Language Arts Syllabus: 

Important Dates & Events







Q" (Quincy) by Aequitas Solutions is the new 2018 Student Management System for the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

Q (Quincy):
"Q"  (Quincy) Student Connection/ Parent Connection" replaces Infinite Campus Student Portal.


Students, please check your GRADES!!!! regularly in "Q" ( & Google Classroom [ensure all "Classwork" assignments are marked as "Mark As Done"/ "Turn In" ]. Check the 'No Name' bin for work you may have submitted without an adequate heading. Yes, you can submit late/missing work for partial credit. No, I will not print missing work (there may be extras in the 'Old Worksheets' bin). Some blank "Q" grades may be assignments that I have not graded & DO NOT impact grade negatively. Ensure that you have submitted the work in order to avoid any "0's" - zeros impact grade negatively.




Check Google Classroom ( and "Q" (


All MVUSD Students have a District provided Google Chromebook and a Google Account for the "Google for
Education" educational platform and Google Apps. (example:
Password: 6 Digit letter/ number combination (issued by District)


***Parent/Guardian(s) can access their child’s District provided Google Account utilizing the student’s login credentials

Coursework assignment/information distribution and submission
Title (Semester 1) Class Code Title (Semester 2) Class Code
(S1) Period 1- ELA: Ms.Thomas 2019-20   (S2) Period 2- ELA: Ms.Thomas 2019-20  
Ms. Crystal Thomas
English Language Arts (ELA) 08

(951) 571-4220 x21203
McGraw Hill Education
ELA Textbook [eBook]
User Name:
(Student ID#)
6 Digit letter/ number combination (issued by District)]
Teacher Google Drive Account
Document sharing purposes, only. Not an email communication tool!)
2019-20 Class Resource Folder:

Web address:
Achieve 3000:
User Name: (Student ID#)
Password: (Student ID#)