Christmas Breakfast

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<option value="Breakfast Burrito - Pork Sausage">Breakfast Burrito - Pork Sausage $5.00 USD</option>

<option value="Breakfast Burrito - Turkey Sausage">Breakfast Burrito - Turkey Sausage $5.00 USD</option>

<option value="Pancakes, Pork Sausage, Eggs">Pancakes, Pork Sausage, Eggs $6.00 USD</option>

<option value="Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Eggs">Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Eggs $6.00 USD</option>

<option value="Coffee">Coffee $1.00 USD</option>

<option value="Hot Chocolate">Hot Chocolate $1.00 USD</option>

<option value="Orange Juice">Orange Juice $1.50 USD</option>

<option value="Bottled Water">Bottled Water $1.00 USD</option>

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